Professional photographer based between Paris and the South, Cannes. In love with beautiful images and culinary creations, I am always looking for new adventures, experiences and encounters. Culinary photographer, real estate photographer, travel, hotels I always go further than a simple image. A photo must tell the experience, the feeling, it must make you want to discover more of your universe.

My 10 years of experience in marketing help me a lot to create an attractive story and the right settings. I like working with young companies because I can help them create everything from scratch: the website, the printed documents, the management of social networks, the SEO.

I work with restaurants, wineries, hotels, whether for shootings, collaborations or to manage social networks.

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The difference


Regarding credibility and the value of sharing, I pay great importance to the fact that my photographs transcribe what makes the hearts of entrepreneurs beat faster. Always benevolent, I accompany you by implementing the perfect solution to improve your visibility. With an in-depth knowledge of digital communication and marketing strategy, I advise you on the best way to launch and represent your products.

My technique

I enjoy clean, crisp, simple images. Show a strong element in a photograph by isolating it from the rest of the image, through composition, color, contrast. The technique seems essential to me, but I leave a lot to instinct and naturalness.

I mainly do still lifes, but also more outdoor photos, scenes, reportage. In a way, living photos that speak to the public.


Equipped at Canon, I work today with a Canon 6D Mark II SLR.

My optical collection includes a 10-20mm f/3.5-4.5 from Canon, it is a lens with a very wide angle for working on landscapes, or plots of vines. For tighter shots and details, the Canon 24-100mm f/4 U is ideal especially for macro photography.

Fixed focal lengths allow you to take portraits or capture subjects with high quality, such as the 50mm f/1.2 lens from Canon. The latter allows me to take my photographs as well as possible, and is suitable for the majority of my activity and represents plans as close as possible to nature.

For portraits and packshots, the Elinchrom Dual One  flashes will support occasional light needs and dazzle you for a moment.

 “Image and perception help drive value; without an image, there is no perception.”
Scott M. Davis


The greatest source of inspiration, accessible to everyone who is not stuck on the 23rd floor of a skyscraper in the city, is nature. The perfect shapes, and geometry where each line and each cell is there for a reason,“designed” to serve a purpose. Bruno Munari believed that “studying the structures of nature, observing the evolution of forms, can give everyone a better understanding of the world we live in”. I agree with Munari, and believe that nature gives us patterns, shapes that help us solve complex problems.


Food has become everything from a lifestyle to a philosophy.Today there are newly founded restaurants, food-trucks, pop-up restaurants, coffee shops, cookbooks, new wines, new beverages, new ingredients, new ways to cook it, new ways to consume, food photography, food design…As a photographer, food has become an immense source of inspiration for me. I have to admit that my favorite design projects are the ones connected to the food industry, as it is an artistic combination of nature-made and man-made while serving simple pleasures.
“They (chefs) have a very strong sense of what they like and what they want. They are very sensitive to materials, papers, photography and typography, too. A lot of the chefs have also gone through the branding process for their restaurant – but we never carry this through onto the books. A new identity is created for each one.”
Sarah Boris from Phaidon on working on cookbooks.