“Anna is a self-taught freelance graphic designer and a striving art director with experience calculated in months rather than years.  Anna previously worked at BETC Design in Paris, in marketing at Mercury Group in Moscow, and notable freelance works has included all of her friends.”

Over the course of my life and career, there have been four consistent passions and several fleeing ones. These four are: food, art, travel and design.

Let me share with you the four pillars of how I approach design:


In order “to design”, one must beempatheticto people, observe their behaviour, and understand their motivations, to allow yourself be inspired. I have learnt to observe people’s behaviour from my experience in marketing. However, while marketing is about the promotion of an existing product, getting people’s attention, changing their perception, design is about identity. The identity of a company or product is the idea, concept and strategy all put together as one, far before it is marketed.
  Image and perception help drive value; without an image there is no perception.
Scott M. Davis


The greatest source of inspiration, accessible to everyone who is not stuck on the 23rd floor of a skyscraper in the city, is nature. The perfect shapes, and geometry where each line and each cell is there for a reason,“designed” to serve a purpose. Bruno Munari believed that “studying the structures of nature, observing the evolution of forms, can give everyone a better understanding of the world we live in“. I agree with Munari, and believe that nature gives us patterns, shapes that help us solve complex problems.


Food has become everything from a lifestyle to a philosophy.Today there are newly founded restaurants, food-trucks,pop-up restaurants, coffee shops, cookbooks, new wines, new beverages, new ingredients, new ways to cook it, new ways to consume, food photography, food design…As a designer, food has become an immense source of inspiration for me. I have to admit that my favorite design projects are the ones connected to the food industry, as it is an artistic combination of nature-made and man-made while serving simple pleasures.
“They (chefs) have a very strong sense of what they like and what they want. They are very sensitive to materials, papers, photography and typography, too. A lot of the chefs have also gone through the branding process for their restaurant – but we never carry this through onto the books. A new identity is created for each one.”
Sarah Boris from Phaidon on working on cookbooks.

Design Research

Whether you are flipping through an airline magazine, reading street signs, choosing a yogurt at an American or European supermarket, design research never stops. As a designer, research should be a daily ongoing process making you more engaged in the world around you while helping you stay update and therefore enriching your work. I keep a folder in the cloud of all design memories I have created, such as photos of all my museum visits, all books I flipped through in libraries, interesting stationary, etc. Often, when I work on a certain project, I don’t have to go further than my cloud or memories for a big part of the research.
When a lot of money comes along before culture arrives, we get the phenomenon of the gold telephone. And when I say culture I don’t mean academic knowledge, I mean information: information about what is happening in the world, about the things that make life interesting.
Tom Kelley

For more info you can also visit my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akaminova
And download some free content from here: https://unsplash.com/@annakaminova/collections

What can I do for you


Branding & Identity

Developing brand identity, guidelines, print collateral (stationary (cards, envelopes, postcards, business cards))

Digital Design

Setting up a blog, e-commerce website or a business website on WordPress, Squarespace, Tilda, Shopify etc.

Or UX/UI Design in Sketch and Photoshop for further front-end development. Setting up social media accounts.

Content Creation

Food photography for your blog or business.
On demand travel photography (reportage, interior).
Content creation for your Social Media account.


If you are starting a new business I can help you out conceptualize, build and launch it. I can create Brand strategy, develop a Marketing plan including Trend reports and Market analysis. Help you with naming and concept. And design your Investment deck and provide consultancy (depending on your area of expertise).