Freelance photographer  - Wines, castles, wine estates

Showcase your vineyard through photography.



The external and expert eye of a professional photographer is very useful to enhance the image of your estate and to communicate how “wine goes from grape to glass”. Photographer for vineyards and castles, I highlight through my photographs the richness of the terroirs and also the know-how of wine professionals.

As a professional wine photographer, I can adapt my style to the existing style of the estate and capture the authenticity and uniqueness of its clients' wines, cellar and vineyard.Each shoot is customized to the needs of our clients, capturing not only the beauty of the winery and vineyards, but also its unique atmosphere, spirit and message. My services include breathtaking landscapes, taken by drone, "bird's eye" videos, wine photographs, packshots, harvest reports, "lifestyle" images of wine tasting, images for the e -commerce...

I also create and manage websites, e-commerce sites and I can help you establish your digital presence and manage social media accounts for you in English, French.

For any questions, do not hesitate to call me for a quote or a meeting to discuss your expectations, I will answer them with pleasure.

Available to answer your questions: or at 0767394898.


You can schedule a day or half-day photo session depending on the needs of a vineyard, a cellar or an assembly during the harvest to highlight the work of the team.

I create images of vines, cellars, portraits, photos of teams, bottles. I can also cover events in your area.

from 600 euros 1/2 day

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography aims to document moments of wine consumption in a more or less spontaneous way. The contexts often staged evoke daily life in real contexts. Lifestyle sessions take place in locations representative of the products.

I also offer my services of styling and artistic direction.

from 180 euros per hour

Aerial views

The drone allows you to take a height and see different things. Aerial shots of the wine estate by drone as a whole, of the plots of vines.

I work with DJI Mavic Mini 3, the latest model that can create 4K videos, and has 4x zoom.

from 600 euros for videos