French Castles

Capturing the Essence of French Châteaux

Architectural splendor, rich history and timeless interiors

I am deeply enthusiastic about these magnificent estates, their vieux pierres (ancient stones), and the stories they whisper.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to capture some of the most breathtaking châteaux in France through my lens.

Why work with us?

A Unique Perspective

What sets my work apart is not just the photography but the experience I offer. I understand that many châteaux are transitioning into event venues or boutique hotels, requiring a comprehensive approach to marketing and visual identity. Here, my team and I step in as a dedicated unit, ready to deliver your project from start to finish.

As your project manager, I coordinate every aspect of your château’s transformation into an event venue or hotel. From photo shootings to website launches and marketing campaigns, I ensure that your project progresses smoothly and in line with your vision.

Case Study

Château de Fontarèches

French Castles


My passion for châteaux is deeply ingrained in my photography. Through my lens, I aim to tell the story of each château, capturing its grandeur, charm, and history. Whether it's the play of light on centuries-old stone walls or the intricate details of opulent interiors, my photography brings châteaux to life.

Whether you prefer the timeless charm of high dynamic range (HDR) photography or the crisp clarity of normal shots, I tailor my approach to suit your aesthetic preferences. Moreover, I offer a unique flexibility in post-processing. Whether you envision a dark and moody atmosphere or a bright and modern look, I can edit the images to match your desired style.

To provide a comprehensive visual experience, I also offer drone imagery and videography. Aerial views of your château and its surroundings add an extra layer of grandeur to your marketing materials, giving potential visitors a captivating preview of what awaits them.

A château's website should be as elegant as the estate itself. Working alongside a talented graphic designer and developer, we create websites that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. These websites not only showcase the château's beauty but also serve as effective tools for marketing and bookings.

Every château has a unique personality waiting to be revealed. We specialize in branding and identity development, crafting a visual language that reflects the château's essence. From logo design to color schemes, we ensure that your château stands out in the market.

In today's digital age, social media is a powerful tool for reaching a global audience. We manage your social media accounts, curating content that resonates with your target demographic. This includes sharing captivating photographs, engaging stories, and updates about events or offerings.

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