Creating my own blog

I have been wanting to create my blog for a long time to share my travel experiences and great recipes that I tried. I had to create a name, a logo and the blog itself. It was really hard work, especially setting up the blog and all the content. And unfortunately, I even had to do this twice due to my own mistake with hosting payments.

On the blog naming

I was looking for something symbolical that would be versatile, combine different metaphors in one, as my interests vary from topic to topic and I enjoy the freedom of writing on any subject. The “Aha” moment came to me while reading the book, “Design as Art” by Bruno Munari, from a chapter where he elaborated on different geometrical shapes, in particular, a circle. These quotes convinced me that a circle is exactly what I have been looking for:

  • An ancient text says that God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference nowhere.
  • Plates are almost always round: easier to lay a table with.
  • The circle has always represented and still represents eternity, with no beginning and no end.

Plus, the world is round, and a circular shape if placed in 2D symbolizes travel.


With the name in mind I created a visual mood board for my blog. This also helped me to find the perfect color scheme, that has the deep blue of the ocean, light blue for the clear sky and the golden hue for the sun. The color you want to see around you on a perfect vacation. You’ ll see it below, on my brand board.


The logo

This time I can only show you the final version, without the sketches and other options. It is simple, circular and with a script modern font.

Brand board

In the end, I never actually used this alternative logo option but this one, as it took less space in the menu:

The Website

I found an amazing magazine theme on WPZOOM, and sometime after they included me in their top 10 inspiring sites post.

In press


This was actually the first version of my website. I used the same theme second time but changed the layout and fonts a little now, you can see it here:

Social Media

Pinterest Pin and Twitter banner:



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