Design School Project: Dance school

This project was born when I joined an online graphic design course and as homework we had to choose a theme (I went for a dance school), create a name for it, a concept, a logo, a banner for social media account, a website and an app design. This was also my first try in UI design, which I did with Sketch, although we were free to use Photoshop.

I went a little bit further using my past experience in a design agency to build a more meaningful brand by creating its story, a concept, a mood boarda and mission and vision statements.

The Story

Remember the girl from the movie Lost in Translation, a girl quite open to something new? Lost soul discovering a foreign city. Imagine that in the movie she has actually gone to a dance school. This would have been a very different story, a story of this studio, Dance to Change, that changes people’s lives.  





The Name

This name is a game of words in the English language, where you can read it in three different ways: Dance to change, dance to change that is coming, Dance to “Change”.

As signing up for a dance school is a very bold move, move to get up from the couch, a move to change yourself, this is why the word “change” is very symbolic in the name.



The Concept


Attract people to the culture of dance, motivate them to change their rhythm of life, challenge their bodies.


Give people self-confidence and a chance to change their lives.


Since dancing is also music, I decided to watch videos on YouTube, where the main emphasis was on dancing and find my inspiration in the dance and the visuals of the videos. These were the ones that had most impacted my choice:



After watching the videos I made a mood board using some screen stills. It used screenshots from video, movies and some images I found on Pinterest that inspired me.I also made color schemes for the future site from these  screenshots.

Mind mapping

For some reason I started to think in Russian, when working on the mind mapping exercise, that helped me to find the most important things i would like to accentuate in the design: movement=used in imagery, change =used in name, rythm of the city=neon lights.

First Sketches

I wanted to make the logo modern. Inspired by the city, dusty night streets and neon signs, as in Tokyo in the movie “Lost in translation”, as on the poster of the film “Flash Dance”.

The Logo

The final version I went for:

In the color version, the color of the main font resembles the color of the skin, the color of the preposition is a neon sign.

I inclined letters to show the movement, which is an integral part of the dance.

VK Banner

In the banner/cover used a screenshot of the video ballerina and breakdancer, it seems to say that the school for all. On the left is the website of the studio and in order to attract attention to it, the musical neon symbol, which is also present in the logo. At the bottom right there is information suggesting to sign up for a free first lesson in the studio.



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