février 28, 2018

Logo for Real Estate project


Camporrosso is a development company that constructs complexes for business and residential use in Spain. It is a full-service company that oversees all the process fro market analysis and risk evaluations to actual construction and finishing.

Through understanding the infrastructure, economic activities and people. the company aims to design its premises with care and simplicity and also to achieve low costs.

The mood board


Path 1

PATH 1 consists of a symbol and type with the name of the project. The symbol represents two first letters A and V from the word “Avenida”, that is the part of the name. In its turn, the AVENIDA in the name also follows the same principle of three lines like in the symbol.

The circle is an easily recognized geometric shape, that here represents community, integrity, and perfection.

The lines inside the circle, that follow the shapes of letters A and V represent the streets, going in different directions.


Path 2

PATH 2 has the name of the project placed in an Art Deco-inspired frame. This frame represents a street, with its entry on the left, and exit on the right of the box.

On the top we can see a beautiful avenue from a front angle, going further away from us.  Surrounded by acacia trees, the street goes up, suggesting a prosperous future, in the midst of nature. The accent is made on the word Avenida, that is incorporated in the frame of “streets”.

Path 3

PATH 3, similarly to Path 2, represents an avenue, but in a different angle. Here, we look at the avenue straight and we don’t see where it goes further.  This is a more simplified version, where there is more focus on the Serif font of the “Residencial” word, that gives it a more prestigious feel. Avenida is written in retro Script font, aimed to arise some nostalgic feelings.

Final Logo

The final logo was chosen based on the Path 2 and adapted to the clients’ needs (the font) and wishes.